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Velosolex history the velosolex was introduced right after world war 2. For the type 3800 and oto we make complete reflectors. At that time, it only manufactured carburetors for buses. Solex service ad van heerbeek has almost all parts in stock that has to do with the lighting of the solex. It is therefore recommended that the velosolex s 3800 is run at 50. We check all the leading motorcycle insurance companies to find you the best deal for your velosolex.

Black plastic engine cover, replacing the traditional rectangular headlight, with a silver 3800 decal with silvery characters. The solex logo is now affixed to each side of the central frame. Thats why you will not see these parts listed separately on any exploded motor diagrams. These instructions were from the original french company.

Presentation of the velosolex 660 at the automobile and cycle exposition in paris on october 6, 1955. This ratio represents one fuel cap full of oil to one tank of fuel but. Brians velosolex is the website for customizing and tuning the velosolex s 3800 moped including books, data, events, history, links and the latest news on this legendary motorized bicycle. Solex 3800 usa by briansolex information and photos. The lighting, especially the lights will quickly destroy.

Kapuze, schalten solex, leuchtturm spring, lamelle, ohne optik. I dont know where to put the post so i put it in here. Velosolex the new solex is therefore not a replica but the original, and a current power unit could be fitted to a 1946 model. Apparently the 9th transolexine held in the st nazaire region last september was, as usual, successful as some 120 machines took part. This is a 1975 s3800 imported from france in velosolex workshop manual copy in excellent condition.

The hungarian s 3800, produced from 1999 to 2005, was well made, and nearly identical to the 198688 french s 3800. Velosolex s 3800 links including french transport and 2stroke tuning. Statistics for velosolex s 3800 model family model family see how many cars of any make and model are left on britains roads. The velosolex has been manufactured under licence in denmark, holland, spain, italy and switzerland and assembly lines have been set up in cyprus, finland, greece and ireland. Apex dvdvcr combo adv3800 user manual apex dvdvcr combo adv3800this is the complete instructions and user manual for your product in pdf format available for download. I got this bike from my grandfather a million years ago. View and download velosolex solex 4600 owners handbook manual online. Velosolex s 3800, french transport solex millenium. The wonderful simple engine has, however, been modified to run on unleaded fuel and a tiny oil ratio of only 23% oil.

Velosolex motorcycle insurance motorcycle supermarket. For example, in canada and the united states, several series 3300 and 3800 models were made available, as well as the series 5000 in 1971, in various colours. When velosolex was still around, they would not even sell the bearing, shim and seal separately. Accessories instruction manual, test leads, carrying case, 9v battery, spare fuse global focus ltd. A rarity was a micron which had covered only 77 kms. This is exactly what you need for repairing and maintaining your 3800. Apex dvd vcr combo adv 3800 user manual by nana hong. Information and photos concerning the solex s 3800 in the united states of america, by briansolex. Solex millenium, news, history, publicity, clubs, photos, events, links and technical information. File data this file is sold by bestmanuals, an independent seller on tradebit. Velosolex s4800 bicyclemoped has oldfashioned charm and shortcomings. This bike is a lot of fun, and that is what this is about. The history of solex ebikes electric assist bicycles.

Solex manual s3800 ignition system carburetor scribd. Technical information, links, parts catalogue and maintenance manual. Velosolex branch of nacc national autocycle and cyclomotor club. Brand new s3800 velosolex uk registered all orders get full access to our online status tracking service, allowing you to view realtime order progress. If you have a velosolex, you should have this detailed instruction on the repair and service the these awesome little bikes. Subject to changes by errors, mistypes and prices op without positionnumber oa without articlenumber. There used to be thousands of these in europe, i dont know any more.

Front engine velosolex 3800 motored bikes motorized. Motorcycle supermarket have taken the hard work out of looking for motorcycle and scooter insurance by allowing you to fill in one simple form, your details are sent to our list of top motorcycle and scooter insurance companies and they get you. In 1986 last modifications before its disappearance. Haube velosolex solex 3800 deluxe super deluxe grau in. Yamaha tzr125 8793,dt125 8802 haynes service manual. Also want wires running through the rear fender, sometimes wear through which the lights do not work anymore. This is the best velosolex manual i have ever used. View online or download velosolex solex 4600 owners handbook manual. Brians velosolex customizing and tuning the velosolex s. Like the italian lambrettas and vespas in the scooter world, the velosolex set the highest standard in its genre, and remained the market leader for cyclomoteurs throughout its production run.

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