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This subunit contains all the drug and toxin interaction sites identified to date. More research on molecular basis of cardiac ion channels, and regulation and drug sensitivity of the cardiac ionic currents are needed to enable rational use of the zebrafish heart as an. Todays molecular biology is providing breathtaking new insights into the regulation. View enhanced pdf access article on wiley online library html view. Abstract the electrical activity of cardiac tissue is determined by the highly regulated flow of ions across the cell membrane during the cardiac action potential. Ion channel dysfunction or expression remodeling can occur in diseases that can be inherited lqts, brs, cpvt, etc. Optimal cardiac function depends on proper timing of excitation and contraction in various regions of the heart, as well as on appropriate heart rate. Pdf current and potential antiarrhythmic drugs targeting. Cardiac action potentials differ from the aps found in other areas of the body.

They belong to a class of ion channels that can transduce a physical. Cardiac voltagegated ion channels in safety pharmacology. Voltage gated ion channels are central in defining the fundamental properties of the ventricular cardiac action potential ap, and are also involved in the development of druginduced arrhythmias. Alterations in ion channel function or expression can disrupt the morphology of the ap waveform, which can ultimately lead to abnormal propagation of the heart s electrical impulse and arrhythmia. Dynamic alloptical drug screening on cardiac voltage. The movement of ions across cardiac cell membranes generates the electrical potentials that activate the heart. Typical neural ap duration is around 1ms and those of skeletal muscle are roughly 25ms, whereas cardiac action potentials range from 200400ms. Ion channels possess distinct genetic, molecular, pharmacologic, and gating properties and exhibit dissimilar expression levels within different. A number of ion channels are expressed in the heart and in the vasculature and are the target for. Nervous and muscle cells as well as nonpacemaker cardiac cells use the opening of na channels to facilitate the depolarisation phase, whereas cardiac pacemaker cells. Wilde, md, phd from the heart failure research center and department of cardiology, academic medical center, university of amsterdam, amsterdam, the netherlands. Current and potential antiarrhythmic drugs targeting voltagegated cardiac ion channels. Cardiac action potentials the student physiologist. Cardiac electrical activity depends on the coordinated propagation of excitatory stimuli through the heart and, as a consequence, the generation of action potentials in individual cardiomyocytes.

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